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A Pioneer in Pharmaceuticals

Our strong commitment in the industry for the last      years has proven us to be a trusted trader in pharmaceutical raw materials in Indonesia. We are one of the top leaders in premium pharmaceutical raw materials. We are proud to be the pioneer for most of our diversified products across nations. Our products have helped the biggest names in the industry to achieve success across Indonesia and saved millions of lives. 

Supported by professionals with years of experience in the field, we never stop to introduce the latest generation of medicine raw materials. Our ambitions are for the better health and life of a nation.

Think globally, serve the locals, grow unstoppable.


waris Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Growing generations of integrity to impact the nation’s health care. 

Our Mission

Continuing to serve the nation through our skills, hard work and innovations. Our contributions to the society will benefit everyone’s health and thus increase the quality of life and wellbeing.

Our Warehouse

Our well-designed, reliable Chemical Warehouse is maintained by a team of dedicated personnel that always do the strict rotation according to lifespan, temperature control, and being observant regarding hygiene environment. Our policy follows the standard of International Standards of Good Warehousing and Distribution Certifications.

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"Absolutely the best in the industry!"


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"Can't imagine buying pharmaceutical raw materials  from another company. PT Waris is the best out there."


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